The collection: part two.

It was a busy weekend over here. Two birthday parties, two photo shoots, and an EARTHQUAKE. It was very light and lasted only a few seconds, but it was the first of my life and, you guys, when you're afraid of sinkholes like I am (for real), any form of earth movement is just reason enough to send me into my prayer closet and I don't even have a prayer closet, but I'll make one if this kind of thing keeps up.

Anyway, if you're having a case of the Mondays on this Tuesday morn and getting back into the swing of things is kind of hard to do, here are some items I've been browsing on the internet that might interest you or entertain you through your morning coffee. 

1. Adam Grant knows a few things about the habits of creative people. I found his TED talk to be pretty interesting.

2. I love fashion and the way clothes can make you feel. If someone is feeling a little self-conscious about something that looks AMAZING on them, I always tell them, "Wear the dress. Don't let it wear you." So when my friend posted about this podcast titled, The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes, I listened immediately. I don't know about the rest of the episodes, but I liked this one.

3. I'm currently reading this book by Lauren Chandler. I haven't had a ton of time to read lately, but she is insightful and wise and I'm enjoying it. 

4. Last week I found this Instagram account and her cute little comics are truthful and witty.

5. I have a few thoughts on purity culture myself that maybe I will share sometime, but Elizabeth Smart does a great job of articulating how it affected her in this article

6. I have been super enamored with this little hair artist lately. Watching her videos is almost mesmerizing. Like HOW are you so good? 

7. I made scones for Aaron's mom and my coworkers last night. This is my favorite recipe of all time. So easy. So delicious.

8. This weekend I had the privilege of modeling the fall/winter collection for Sapahn which was started by a woman who graduated from high school with me. Hit that "About Us" link to find out all the cool ways this company helps local communities in Thailand.

9. This article is a little older, but it takes the lid off our desire for people to "be more real" on the internet.

10. I love the way this Tumblr is curated. 

That's it. Happy short work week to you!