Hi there! I'm Lyndi. 

Currently living in the Midwest with my husband, Aaron, our cat, Darla, and our baby boy due in September. Aaron says I’m made up of half mac n’ cheese, half coffee and I don’t deny it. Always on the hunt for a new great lipstick. Reading my way through life. Doing my best to find the eternal in the ordinary.

I'm passionate about bringing light to your life through written words. I want you to be encouraged! Life is hard sometimes, so let's talk and laugh and hope together. This is a space for me to share what's on my heart and for you to (hopefully!) connect and relate.

Grace and Love,

"Jesus' invitation to 'lay down my life for others' has always meant more to me than physical martyrdom. I have always heard these words as an invitation to make my own life struggles, my doubt, my hopes, my fears and my joys, my pains and my moments of ecstasy available to others as a source of consolation and healing. To witness for Christ means to me to witness for Him what I have seen with my own eyes, heard with my own ears and touched with my own hands." 
- Henri Nouwen