The collection.

Earlier this week I was reading the news and it was feeling pretty heavy. It was like everywhere I looked, more bad news, everything in decline, the world is ending, and our pet's heads are falling off, you know what I mean? 

But in the midst of all that, I also read and saw and heard some pretty great stuff. So if you're wondering what I'm doing/seeing/reading throughout the week, or you just need to see something better than another headline about how everything is the worst, you'll be able to find that here from time to time. Here's the first collection of little gems that are out on the web right now:

1. Starbucks is taking a stand against internet pornography in a pretty significant way. Super happy to back them on this one. Can I get a couple gold stars on my card for sharing this story, Starbucks? Read the story HERE

2. Jennie Allen is an author I love and she's starting a super short (four weeks!) study in the book of Daniel during the month of August. You can download the workbook and join in a live Facebook discussion each Sunday night. Read more about that HERE

3. Regardless of your political affiliation, the opener of the GOP convention last night brought down the house! Six year old Heavenly Joy's got some pipes! You can watch her sing her little heart out HERE

4. I fell down the black hole of YouTube hair tutorials by watching basically every video Jenny Strebe has ever posted and I'm wondering if I can be her now? Watch her videos HERE

5. Christine Caine, y'all. I love her passion. Watch her message on how God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish his plans right HERE

6. Macy's is having a big fat sale. I ordered a new shirt that I'm super excited to wear. I can't show you yet because I'm wearing it for a special occasion, but I'm sure you can find something super cute HERE

7. Matt Chandler spoke last Sunday about law enforcement and the role they play in our lives. They hold back darkness and restrain evil in ways we are completely unaware of but we only seem to hear about them when it goes wrong. Watch or read that message HERE

8. I know I'm super late to the party, but Aaron and I are reading this book. Lewis makes a striking case for Christianity for someone who was an atheist for years. We're only about a third of the way through but highly recommend. Five gold stars. Two thumbs up.

9. Oh my gosh, how is this not number one on the list, I don't even know. But NEEDTOBREATHE released their new album last Friday and it's been on repeat ever since. 

10. I am a FREAK about gymnastics in the Olympics. I feel like I missed my calling (being 5'9'' may be part of that) but Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson is on I AM SECOND with her story and oh my gosh is it sweet.

11. I love, love, love this Tumblr collection of all things southern and lovely. Get inspired HERE.

12. Looking for something to make for tomorrow's brunch? I found it HERE. But this gal's whole blog is great. With a tagline like, "Where type and images totally make out" how could it not be amazing?

I have a lot of these links on Twitter and Pinterest so if you feel like you need more throughout your week, you can see if I've posted anything there. Have a great weekend!