The collection: part three.

Is this week moving at a glacial pace for anyone else? Yikes. So slow. I was complaining to Aaron earlier in the week and he joked, "Oh, wow. Is the sky falling too?" MAYBE IT IS, AARON. WE DON'T KNOW THAT FOR SURE. 

Anyway, in the meantime, while I wait for December to roll around and I can fly across the ocean back to my heart in Hawaii, here are some interesting things on the internet. 

1. I loved this post about hospitality over on The Nesting Place. Also, if you haven't read Myquillyn's book and you love decorating and house projects, you should order it here on the Amazons. Five gold stars.

2.  Speaking of house projects, ummm, can we talk about this complete remodel by a 22 year old? Super inspiring. I'll move in now, thank you. 

3. Okay, I know this election cycle is a total clown show, but we still have the right to vote and I think it's important. Register to vote RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. DO IT. I'll drive you to your polling place come November.

4. Have you heard of Scarlet & Gold? In their own words they are "a lifestyle & gift brand seeking to fulfill our mission: Create. Give. Inspire." Check out their site. I totally love this tee and this necklace

5. Andrea Howey is over on Instagram using her gift of handlettering to love and inspire and sometimes her posts are just what my heart needs to hear. She "shares her own story of how God revealed a hidden talent during the hardest season of her life" on this recent podcast

6. Currently listening to this album on repeat.

7. This collection of photos from around the world is amazing. 

8. "You are as intelligent as you want to be." Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist who gives a fascinating TED talk about how the mind can change the brain

9. Stop Taking Pride In Not Knowing How To Do Basic Sh*t. No, seriously. Stop it.

10. Speaking of basic sh*t, Aaron encouraged me to set up an account on Mint to help me budget and actually know what's going on in my bank account. I have a love/hate (heavy on the hate) relationship with money, so this was a big step for me, but you guys, so helpful. And I know you're all a lot more mature than I am so this might be something you did 20 years ago, but still. Helpful.

Love you, mean it.